Ideation, Creation and Promotion of a Compelling White Paper

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Planning and writing your white paper

I’ll create a white paper that sparkles with clarity, backed up by flawless research from top-quality sources, following a process designed to save you time, avoid rework and miscommunication. You’ll get great content that will work for you to generate leads, build buzz, and deliver sales for years to come.

While I work on your project, I will:

• Perform thorough research without wasting your time
• Pitch 2-3 ideas and work with you on coming up with the best topic for your white paper
• Create an outline to confirm our direction
• Explain your offering without buzzwords
• Sum up your benefits without hype
• Tell your story in a journalistic style
• Deliver a superbly crafted white paper

Promoting your white paper

How you market your white paper can make or break its success. I'll recommend you tactics of actively promoting a white paper so you can earn an acceptable ROI.

Turnaround: Available for September 2017

Getting started

Here's what I need from you:

• Your target audience
• Purpose for doing the white paper
• A specific call to action (What do you want your ideal prospect to do after they finish reading your white paper?)
• Your target keywords and search terms
• Sources for further research