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  1. Writing copy for 1 landing page (250-500 words) targeted to a specific audience with the end goal to have them take a specific action. The page will state what’s in it for them (features, benefits etc.) and why they should follow your call to action.

  2. Writing 1 article/blog post (800-1000 words) for your website on a business topic of your choice.

Getting started

To get started I need:

  1. For writing the landing page copy:
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Message (what benefits they are looking for, how does your product help them?)
    • What objections they would have and how you’d counter them
    • Your unique value proposition
    • Any trust elements I could use (e.g. number of users, reviews, ratings, test results, short testimonials)
    • What is the purpose of your landing page (what do you want them to do)

  2. For writing the article:
    • A creative brief or outline of the topic you’d like me to cover for you specifying what you’d like your readers to take away from the piece (eg. actionable advice, CTA etc.)

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