About Anca

Seasoned self-starter with 20+ years of combined sales and marketing experience in the logistics and online media industries. I use the power of storytelling to create content that earns trust and sells. My work has been featured in Huffington Post, Digital Journal, Nordic Business Report, Lifehack.org, Be a Freelance Blogger, Orbit Media Studios, The Write Life and many more.


Anca helped me with editing my book “An Overview of the Magnificent World of Orchidaceae - Illustrated by a Study on the Wild Orchids of Romania” (coming out Summer 2016). She reviewed my manuscrip... Read more →
Nora De Angelli
Knowing Anca for 20 years as her manager at DHL, I watched with delight her progress over the years. She's serious, responsible and even-keeled. I mentored her in project management, and was impres... Read more →
Adriana Vasilescu